3BT and 4BT

Single pole / single throw (SPST) and available as normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) Hermetically sealed and filled with Nitrogen. A wide range of variants for several mounting options. Available for 30 V dc / V ac and 115 V ac for resistive loads up to 1 A. In very small sizes and weight from 0.2g. Because of this low mass the response time is also very fast. Extremely resistant to shock and vibration. 3BT is manufactured in accordance with MIL-PRF-24236/19 and NASA S-311-641 / 07. Physical dimensions from Ø5.5 mm and the height from 8 mm. Suitable for applications such as radar systems, circuit boards, battery packs and chemical detection systems. And for 4BT, MIL-PRF-24236/13 and NASA S-311-641 / 06 apply. Physical dimensions from Ø7 mm and from height 2.5 mm. Motor windings, transformers, circuit boards and battery packs.




yes 10G


0,1A; 0,2A; 0,5A; 1A

IP code rating


Mechanical shock

yes 100G

MIL approval



30VDC; 30VAC; 115VAC

Product sheet

Temperature range



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