Movicon 11 is a consolidated platform, reliable, flexible, robust. A successful product on the market for a long time, which is appreciated for its robustness and flexibility characteristics. Comprehensive, open, based on traditional technologies that we find in almost all the products of competition: written in C ++ and based on WinForm, offers a flexible client-server architecture to distribute from Windows 10 to Windows CE applications. Support to all market database comprises a vector graphics engine based on SVG. In addition to a rich set of functions in an environment of extremely easy and intuitive development, also it has a powerful scripting engine VBA and VB.NET and a PLC type logic engine instruction list. It offers web-based technology and Java Applets on special APP for Android and iOS devices. Movicon 11 is also available in a special version for Building automation use.



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Progea develops a SCADA system platform for supervision, data acquisition, productivity and energy efficiency applications. The SCADA software is used in a wide variety of industrial fields ranging from Manufacturing to Pharmaceutical, from Building Automation to Remote Control System. The platform is modular and scalable and can be used for both HMI project and complex supervision projects. Progea’s software products have increased with popularity throughout 25+ years in operation with more than 130,000 applications  installed worldwide as proof of their product quality, innovation and reliability.